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What's with the elephant

...We like elephants

...In many cultures, the elephant is a symbol of trust and good fortune

...The Parable of the Elephant is an elegant metaphor for
a key way in which we benefit our clients – helping them
to see the "whole elephant" of their brand – how it encompasses and is informed by the entire enterprise, not just the marketing department.

...Also, we still think some of the Elephant Jokes
we told when we were 8 are funny...

The Parable of the Elephant

Four people were blindfolded and led into a room with an elephant. When they came out they were asked to report on what they found. One said it was like the trunk of a tree, another said it was like an enormous leaf, the third said it was like a solid wall and the last one said it was more like a big snake.

They were all relating accurately their experience of the same thing, from different perspectives.

Brands are the sum total of the interactions that the company and its products have with all its audiences, internal and external. People will respond to a brand in different ways depending on their outlook and position. However, when everyone has contributed to the discovery process, there is always a clearer picture of the challenges the brand faces and how it should be addressed.

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Elephant Joke of the Day

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